Seattle Coffee Shops ! -by (
Version no.1  'The Short List'
Downtown. Belletown / Queen Anne Updated  4/15/2013


For your coffee happiness!
We at BaristaBarFly have attempted to offer you a simple online
guide to unique coffee expereinces found in Seattle WA. Or, just to locate a new place to reward yourself at the beginning or end of a hard day.. Cool eh?


Note: There are MANY coffee locations in downtown Seattle! - these are our picks ...for today.

Caffe Ladro. Upper+Lower Queen Anne. (multi-locations)
(206) 282-5313; 282-1549
2205 (and) 600 Queenanne Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109
Hours: Weekdays: 5:30 AM - 11 PM; Sat + Sun; 5:30 AM - 11 PM.
This business serves great coffee. Always deep and strong... perfect. They own a bakery and produce some of the best coffee shop baked goods ever...perfect with their great espresso.

El Diablo Coffee Co.
(206) 285-0693
1811 Queen Anne Ave North #101 Seattle, WA 98109
Beautifully hand-painted interior with a twist to the hell-fire called El Diablo. Go figure, but it's cool. Coffee here is strong and the barista's help is warm.. nice. Enjoy your hot cup outside on the patio, then walk the main route for some weekend distraction. All just another fun day in Queen Anne area!

Bedlam Coffee.
(206) 910-3200
2231 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121
This little red faced place is a perfect spot to step away from all the 'street bustle' in Belletown. Meet a date or make a business meet.. casual of course. You can kick your heels up on the couch. This funky and unique coffee shop has earned high praise for a good cup of espresso ... and they play KEXP radio all the time. Cool. Go.